Field of Dreams Mission Statement

At Field of Dreams, we are more than assisted living – we are a community of residents and staff that bond together as a family. Our mission is to foster warm interactions and relationships between interdisciplinary staff and residents while enhancing the quality of life for each unique individual. We promise to uphold this commitment for every resident at every stage of their stay, including time during and after the process of spending down to qualify for Medicaid.

We strive to offer exceptional service by retaining compassionate caregivers who consistently provide dignified, quality care in a safe and clean environment. Attention paid to residents is kind and patient and always in line with our best in class standards. We understand how important it is that residents always have someone to get coffee or dinner with and strive to foster an environment that’s vibrant and social. By maintaining a youthful state of mind and filling every day with purposeful activity, community and love, we help seniors make their next step a meaningful, productive, and spirited time in their lives.