Field of Dreams owner, Nick Ferreri, passion to support those with dementia and those working to cure it at the University of Florida

For Field of Dreams owner and operator, Nick Ferreri, supporting families faced with dementia is personal as Nick supported both his mother and father in their diagnosis’ of ¬†dementia. His personal experience with his parents battling the brain disease turned his professional passion towards providing the best care for aging adults and their caregivers with his licensed residential assisted living and specialized memory care communities.

Nick formerly owned several Tanglewood adult care home properties in the Jamestown, NY area and saw great success in providing thousands of aging adults and their caregivers with quality options for care over the years. He has since found a new passionate owner for those properties and is focusing on developing our Field of Dreams campus in Allegany, NY which has been huge for the Southern Tier! Field of Dreams campus has brought the southern tier the only licensed option for assisted living and special needs memory care to the area – a much needed service to adequately support the local aging population.

Additionally, Nick’s passion for supporting those affected by dementia goes even deeper than his senior living campuses; he is also a major supporter and heavily involved with the dementia research conducted at the University of Florida. Nick has advocated and obtained millions of dollars in funding from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to support the intricate and state-of-the-art research being conducted at the university. Several other universities and top researchers from around the world are involved in the project. The best and brightest are working each day on this project to find preventative measures and a cure for dementia and Nick is proud to be a part of the efforts. Their team is hopeful that within five years we should see a major advancement and possibly a cure!